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Emotional Literacy / Emotional Regulation DESTY Island Resources DESTY Feelings Worksheets

Emotional Literacy / Emotional Regulation

DESTY Feelings Scale

DESTY Feelings Thermometer

DESTY Feelings Wheel


Great for Building Emotional Vocabulary and visually rating feelings based on colours.

How does it feel? How can people help? A wonderful worksheet to support emotional regulation and problem-solving skills.

An excellent resource for building emotional vocabulary. Why not use it as a daily check-in exercise?

DESTY Island Resources

DESTY Colouring Fun DESTY Space Timetable
DESTY's colouring pages are a wonderful non-directive tool to support further conversations about feelings without the need for direct questions. Never miss a DESTY session by filling in your time for DESTY Island. Also handy if you need to reschedule for any reason.
DESTY Island Sign

DESTY Time is important time, so let everyone know that you’re not to be disturbed by posting this colourful sign on your door.

DESTY Feelings Worksheets

DESTY Feelings Wordsearch
Have fun finding feelings and why not check-in with your own feelings along the way?